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After handcuffing Ace, the Castle Knights set a few of them to guard him, while others helped up the ones Ace previously stunned. He looked over towards to Castle Knights clad in ruby uniforms with their visors being golden. Ace overheard them talking, presumably about what to do with him. They had a hologram of something in front of them and were discussing.

"...he's obviously a spy. He came from Rebel land. No way he survived past them without alligning with them. We should shoot him where he stands and be done with it." 

"No, we can't. He could just be a human somehow. We aren't taking the chance of killing an innocent"

"We can't take a chance of a spy!"

"Would you just wait? Command's almost on this signal, we'll just contact them."

At that, one gave a sigh, then they both turned to their hologram which was still not clearly showing someone. Static was the only thing visible.

"What's going on... There's usually not this much static."

"How should I know?" One started walking away, annoyed, and then sat down, eyeing Ace. He didn't trust him.

Ace turned his gaze from him, now looking at the hologram and the person who was trying to fix it. He felt winds pick up around him, faster than normal, and he didn't realize what was going on until it happened.

Lightning clashed on the chrome streets and winds threatend to knock them all over. The hologram now completely shut down, and the Castle Knights got up from resting and readied their weapons, not knowing what to expect. Most had their hands on their Haos Bakugan.

The ruby Castle Knight who suggested to kill Ace stood up, looking at the storm. The lightning reflected off of his visor before a huge green flash enveloped all of them, blinding them. The silhoutte of a Dragonoid was the only thing visible.

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