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As Ace walked the beautiful chrome streets of Neathia's capitol, he slowly began to think he was in the wrong place. He was here before once or twice, and it usually had a lot of happy activity.

Now it was similar to that of a ghost town. Everywhere seemed unharmed or affeccted, but no one was here. The only sign of Neathian life here he saw was a frightened kid looking at him through a window, and he vanished too quickly for Ace to confirm his eyes.


Ace froze, slowly turning around. He saw a shiny spearhead inches from his right shoulder, and as his eyes travelled along the weapon, he saw two Castle Knights. Both were in the standard silver uniform. One pointed at Ace with an alien gun, and spoke once again.

"Who are you?"

Ace leaned to the side, glancing at the Castle Knight's alien gun. "You haven't even taken the safety off, rookie."

The Castle Knight trembled for a second, then tightend his grip on his weapon. "I'm no rookie, human!" He paused, then leaned to check his weapon.

Ace took this opportunity to grab the spear and slam it on it's owner's face, dazing him. In a flash, he repostioned the spear so that the not-sharp end hit the other Castle Knight's hands, knocking the gun out of them. He then hit him in the head with the butt of the spear, causing him to fall over along with his Castle Knight friend.

As soon as he fell, Castle Knights surrounded Ace, apparently waiting to ambush him. They all aimed their weapons at him, as he looked around.

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