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Bakugan: Neathia's Demise
Created By User: Darkusinfinity99
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Arc 1
Chapters TBA
End Date TBA
Arc 2
Chapters TBA
End Date TBA

Bakugan: Neathia's Demise is a fanon series created by User:Darkusinfinity99. It is still airing and when it will end is unknown. It is currently being re-written.



  1. Rebellion
  2. Flames of War
  3. Silver Ambush
  4. Green Lightning
  5. Power of the Shadow
  6. War's Toll
  7. Death and a Demon
  8. A Dark Dream
  9. No Remorse
  10. Making Friends
  11. Relentless
  12. Heartless
  13. The Prophecy
  14. Daughter of the Devil
  15. Justice

More to be added.


To be written.

Back StoriesEdit

These stories are memories of the history of several characters.

Rager's Back Story:Edit

Diable's Back Story:Edit

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