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Bakugan: Mutant Chaos
Mutant Chaos Logo
Written by: GamingFanatic
Number of episodes: 25
Series length  ???
Preceded by: Bakugan: Fight for All
Followed by: Bakugan: Soul's Army
Genre Action-Adventure, Science Fiction, Comedy
Status Not yet started

Bakugan: Mutant Chaos is a story created by GamingFanatic. It is the sequel to Bakugan: Fight for All, and the second entry of the Fight Series. It will be succeeded by Bakugan: Soul's Army.


Two months after the defeat of the Cyrophians and winning a tournament, Michael and the rest of the New Battle Brawlers earn a trip around the planet. While traveling, the Brawlers find that the cities they're in keep getting attacked by Bakugan that look just like their own! Meanwhile, a kid named Terry keeps challenging Michael to brawls. What's with these Bakugan, and why does Terry want to win against Michael so badly?




  •  ???
    • Bakugan: Mutant Dragonoid Pyrus
  •  ???
    • Bakugan: Mutant Einhornus Aquos
  •  ???
    • Bakugan: Mutant Ingram Ventus
  •  ???
    • Bakugan: Mutant Wilda Subterra
  •  ???
    • Bakugan: Mutant Aranaut Haos
  •  ???
    • Bakugan: Mutant Percival Darkus
  •  ???

Heroes' AlliesEdit


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