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Scene: New Battle Brawlers HQ

Michael: Now that we have some information, we're gonna have to try and peace together what we can about these "Cyrophians".

Matthew: Well we know they're aliens-

Nathan: That have cheese and bacon. :3

Matthew: ... Right... And we know they have some kind of goal.

Jorge: An evil one, that's for sure.

Fabia: But that's all we know about them. We need more information.

Taylor: She's right. We know too little.

Michael: {Gets up} I'm gonna go get some peace and quiet so I can try and think about this more.

Fabia: Alright.

Michael: {Leaves the room and heads to Bakugan Interspace}

Scene: Bakugan Interspace

Michael: Now I should get some peace and qui- O_O

{Bakugan Interspace now looks like a factory with children trapped in tubes and being turned into robots}

Michael: W... W... What's going on here?! What's happening to them?!

???: Good... Everything's going according to the master's plan.

Michael: You! You're... Mud And Follow?

Mudanfolow: No! My name is Mudanfolow!

Michael: Oh right. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THEM?!?

Mudanfolow: Just making some modifications, that's all. They'll become the best brawlers you Humans have ever seen.

Michael: {Holds up Drago} I challenge you to a brawl. If I win, you stop this madness and free them.

Mudanfolow: And if I win... What would happen if I win?

Michael: Then you can take me as your prisoner.

Mudanfolow: Very well. Follow me to an arena. {Walks off}

Michael: Fine. {Follows Mudanfolow}

{One of Michael's Ability Cards falls out of his pocket and lands on the ground}

Scene: An arena

Michael and Mudanfolow: BAKUGAN, BRAWL!!! BAKUGAN, STAND!!!



Mudanfolow: ABILITY ACTIVATE!!! EARTH REVOLVER!!! {Earthargo's hands turn into guns and fire bullets at Drago}

Michael: TRIPLE ABILITY ACTIVATE!!! IRON REFLECTOR!!! {Drago reflects the bullets back at Earthargo} PLUS IRON HAMMER!!! {Drago picks up Earthargo, flies him around the sky, and throws him onto the ground} PLUS DRAGON MAXU- {The Ability Card isn't there} Huh? Where's Dragon Maxus Storm?!

Mudanfolow: My turn. ABILITY ACTIVATE!!! MUD CRASHING STRIKE!!! {Earthargo jumps up at Drago like a bullet and sends him into Ball Form}

Michael: O_O I... I lost...

Mudanfolow: HA! You're mine now. {Grabs Michael} Let's go.

Michael: W-wait! No!

Mudanfolow: Sorry, but a deal's a deal. {Tazes Michael, which knocks him unconscious}

{Michael's body is dragged away}

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