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With the trouble now starting to be caused in Bakugan Interspace, Michael and Fabia have formed their own team of Battle Brawlers.

Scene 1: New Battle Brawlers' HQ

Michael: Alright. I'm caught up on the Battle Brawler's accomplishments and everything.

Fabia: Okay. Dan said we need to make a team.

Michael: Why?

Fabia: Because we were more powerful against that guy then the others were.

Michael: Alright.

Fabia: How about we go recruit people in Interspace.

Michael: No. Just picking random battlers in Interspace is a bad idea.

Fabia: Then who should we recruit?

Michael: There's always my brother, Matthew. He's a Darkus Brawler.

Fabia: Is he good?

Michael: Yeah. Unlike me until recently, Matthew had a real Bakugan. His name is Darkus Cyclone Percival. And I couldn't stand a chance against him.

Fabia: Then let's go.

Scene 2: Michael's House

(Matthew and Cyclone Percival are stting by the pool)

Matthew: I'm bored.

Darkus Cyclone Percival (Percival): Well yelling it to the sky won't make a diffrence.

Matthew: Meh. I don't have anything better to do...

Percival: Then find something else to do.

Matthew: Like?

Percival: I don't know. What do humans do for fun? Which is strange that I don't know since we've been partners for a year.

Matthew: What do humans do for fun...

(Suddenly has a top hat, tux, and cane)

Matthew: (Sings) Well... We... Like to-

(Michael and Fabia come out)

Michael: Matthew.

Matthew: (Stops) O_O' ... NOTHING!!! HOW DID THIS GET ON!?!

Michael: ... I didn't ask what you were doing... o_O

Matthew: Who's the chic?

Fabia: -_-'

Michael: She's Fabia. She's the princess of Neathia.

Matthew: Is that in Germany?

Michael: NO! It's another planet in another solar system!

Matthew: (Breaks out laughing) X'D

Michael: I'm serious. -_-

Matthew: O_O' Well... This is awkward...

Fabia: Nice to meet you. -_-'

Matthew: You too... Anyways, wutch'ya need?

Michael: We want you to join our team.

Matthew: Nah. I'd rather sing about my feelings to Percy.

Percival: Percy?

Matthew: Yes. Percy.

Percival: -_-'

Michael: C'mon dude.

Matthew: Well how do I know if your team's any good?

Michael: What do you mean?

Matthew: Well what if the team is bad at Bakugan? How do I know it's even worth it?

Michael: What do you mean bad at Bakugan?

Matthew: Well, I was always able to beat your Ziperator with my Cyclone Percival. Even though you're good inside Interspace, you're not good against me.

Michael: That's where you're wrong. Look at my new Bakugan.

Drago: Hello.

Michael: His name is Pyrus Iron Dragonoid.

Matthew: (So, he has a real Bakugan now?) Alright. I'll join your team if you defeat me in battle!

Michael: Alright then.

Scene 3: An Open, Clear, Area

(Michael and Matthew use their BakuColars to freeze time around them, and everyone and everything is frozen in tme except for Michael, Matthew, Fabia, and their Bakugan)

Fabia: Good luck.


Drago: (Roars)


Michael: ABILITY ACTIVATE!!! IRON HAMMER!!! (Drago smashes Percival to the ground)

Matthew: ABILITY ACTIVATE!!! DARK GUNNER!!! (Percival fires lasers at Drago)

Michael: ABILITY ACTIVATE!!! IRON REFLECTER!!! (Drago reflects the attack and it hits Percival)

Matthew: ABILITY ACTIVATE!!! DARK DISC!!! {Percival fires a purple disc at Drago}

Michael: ABILITY ACTIVATE!!! IRON SHIELD!!! {Drago creates a shield out of fire to protect himself from the Dark Disc}

Matthew: ABILITY ACTIVATE!!! DARK COMBO!!! {Percival unleashes multiple punches at the Iron Shield, breaking it. Percival then unleashes multiple punches at Drago, sending him flying}

Michael: DRAGO!

Drago: {Getting up while struggling} I won't... Give up!

Michael: ABILITY ACTIVATE!!! DRAGON MAXUS STORM!!! (Drago shoots down like a meteor at Percival)

(Percival turns into Ball Form)

Michael: Yes.

(Drago returns to Ball Form)

(Time unfreezes)

Fabia: Great job.

Michael: Thanks.

Matthew: (Walks up to Michael) Great job, bro.

Michael: Right back at ya.

(Michael and Matthew shake hands)

Fabia: Let's head back to base.

Michael: Alright.

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