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Scene: The cave

Flamago: So, are you willing to come with us?

Michael: ... {Quietly growls}

Fabia: It seems like our only choice. I say we g-

{The mysterious man and his Bakugan burst into the cave}

Flamago: WHAT?!?

Fabia: Woah!

Michael: Who is that?!?

Roy: ._.


Roy: Right! Bakugan, brawl! {Roy sends out an Aquos Splight} Ability activate! Dust Needle! {Splight fires multiple needles at the mysterious Bakugan}

???: ABILITY ACTIVATE! DEFUSE QUAZAR! {The mysterious Bakugan fires a blast of fire at Splight and it's Dust Needle, destroying the Dust Needle and sending Splight into Ball Form}


???: {Heads towards Michael and Fabia's cages and unlocks them} Follow me.

Michael and Fabia: Right!

{The mysterious man, Michael, and Fabia run off}

Flamago: D*MN! AND OUR BAKUGAN ARE TOO WEAK TO FIGHT! {Uses his headpiece to call two people} We've found our rat, and he's here with Michael and Fabia. Follow them. {Hangs up}

Scene: Deeper into the cave

Mysterious man: In there!

{Michael, Fabia, and the mysterious man run into a small opening}

Michael: {Catching breath} H-how do {Huff} we know that {Huff} we can trust you?

Mysterious man: Because... {Takes off cloak, revealing himself to be a blonde-haired man wearing a red outfit and a red mask, with no opening for him to see out of his left eye} my name is Spectra Phantom.

Michael: Spectra Phantom?

Fabia: I think Dan told me about you before.

Spectra: Ah, Dan Kuso. I haven't seen him in a long time.

Michael: So how did you know about us?

Spectra: I noticed some strange activity coming from a nearby galaxy. I took a look and went onto the Cyrophians' ship. That's when I caught wind about you guys.

Fabia: So then you found us in here?

Spectra: Correct. There's an exit close to here. We need to leave before they find-

???: Why hello there.

{Spectra, Michael, and Fabia turn around and see Mudanfolow and Hikarionola}

Mudanfolow: Long time, no see, Brawlers.

Hikarionola: And hello, rat.

Spectra: {Shows them Helios MK2} Are you sure you want to battle us?

Helios: We almost wiped the floor with your leader.

Mudanfolow: Oh, please. You were doomed from the start.

Helios: Well let's see which one of us is better.

Michael: I'll fight too.

Spectra: Alright then.

Michael, Spectra, Mudanfolow, and Hikarionola: BAKUGAN BRAWL!

Michael: Get 'em, Drago!

Spectra: Crush them, Helios!

Mudanfolow: Destroy them, Earthargo!

Hikarionola: Burn them with your light, Lightonoid!

Michael: ABILITY ACTIVATE! IRON HAMMER! {Drago knocks Earthargo onto the ground}

Spectra: ABILITY ACTIVATE! DEFUSE QUAZAR! {Helios fires a blast of fire at Earthargo}

Hikarionola: ABILITY ACTIVATE! BLIND LIGHTER! {Lightonoid lets off a giant light, temporarily blinding Drago and Helios before Helios can use Defuse Quazar}

Mudanfolow: ABILITY ACTIVATE! EARTH REVOLVER! {Earthargo's hands turn into guns and fire bullets at Drago and Helios}

{Drago and Helios get hit}

Lightonoid: ABILITY ACTIVATE! BURNING LIGHT! {Lightonoid fires a giant beam of light energy at Drago and Helios}

{Drago and Helios get hit again}

Mudanfolow: ABILITY ACTIVATE! EARTH CHARGER! {Earthargo charges at Drago and Helios}

{Drago and Helios get hit a third time}

Spectra: ABILITY ACTIVATE! FARBAS D2! {FARBAS D2 repairs all damage done from Helios MK2's body, nullifies all of the opponent's abilities and all those abilities that have been activated by its opponent. Helios MK2 becomes immune to all of them for a simple period of time}

{Helios gets fully healed, and Drago slowly starts to get up}

Michael: ABILITY ACTIVATE! DRAGON SLAYER! {Drago fires a giant fireball at Lightonoid and Earthargo}

Spectra: ABILITY ACTIVATE! RAGNAROK CANNON! {Helios fires a purple beam at Lightonoid and Earthargo}

{Earthargo and Lightonoid get hit and revert into Ball Form}

Michael: {Catches Drago} You were awesome.

Spectra: {Catches Helios} Thank you. Now let's hurry.

{Michael, Fabia, and Spectra run out the exit, and then fall, revealing them to be 100,000 feet above the ground}

Michael, Fabia, and Spectra: O_O'


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