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Scene: Entrance to a giant cave

{Michael and Fabia walk into the giant cave}

Michael: Wow...

Fabia: I haven't seen a cave this big before.

Michael: Me neither. {Starts to run off} C'mon! Let's go take a look!

Fabia: Be careful! Something could-

{The floor beneath Michael and Fabia breaks, causing them to fall down a massive hole}

Both: {Screaming}

{Both land on the ground and get covered in rubble}

Michael: {Trying to move the rubble} Crap! I'm stuck! Fabia! Are you all right?

Fabia: {Trying to move the rubble as well} Yeah. I'm fine.

Michael: Drago, can you get us out of here?

Drago: I can't. I'm stuck.

Aranaut: Me too.

Michael: Great! Now we're stuck until we get help! If we ever do get any...

???: I can help.

Michael and Fabia: ?

{A boy with one arm covered in cloth lifts the rubble, freeing Michael, Fabia, Drago, and Aranaut}

Michael: Thanks.

???: You're welcome.

Fabia: Aren't you Human? What're you doing on this planet?

???: My name's Roy. I got captured by creepy aliens that call themselves Cyrophians back in Bakugan Interspace. They tried to turn me into a robot! Earlier, some guy came onto their ship and started a brawl. I used it as a chance to escape, and I winded up here!

Fabia: Some guy attacked the Cyrophians?

Michael: Do you think he could be on our side?

Roy: What do you mean?

Michael: We're the New Battle Brawlers! My name's Michael, and this is Fabia.

Roy: So you guys are fighting to help us?!

Fabia: Yeah.

Roy: Please! Take me with you out of this cave! I've been here for hours with no food or water! I'm starving!

Michael: Of course we would!

Fabia: If we knew how to get out of this cave...

Roy: There were some paths up ahead. Maybe one of those will get us out of here.

Michael: Good idea! Let's go!

A bit later...

{Michael, Fabia, and Roy are walking through a tunnel}

???: Where do you think you're going?

{All three turn around, and see Flamago}

Roy: {Hides behind Michael} Eep!

Michael: FLAMAGO!

Flamago: Yes. It's me. Here. In this cave. On this planet. After following your ship.

Fabia: So you've been spying on us?!

Flamago: Yes. And I know that this planet is next to Cyrophia. I'm guessing that's your destination?

Michael: What's it to ya?

Flamago: Come again?

Michael: What's it... To ya...?

Flamago: ...Everything. It is my home planet, after all.

Michael: Well I'm not telling you anything!

Flamago: Fine then. How about I make a proposition for you? Give me the kid, and I'll get you out of this cave.

Michael: Over my dead body!

Flamago: So you wish, so it shall be. BAKUGAN BRAWL!



Michael: Get 'em, Drago!

Flamago: Show him what it means to not listen to me, Gazoron!

Michael: ABILITY ACTIVATE! IRON HAMMER! {Drago smashes Gazoron to the ground}

Flamago: ABILITY ACTIVATE! FIRE VAPOR! {Gazoron transforms into vapor, flies behind Drago's back, and fires a giant fireball at him}

Michael: ABILITY ACTIVATE! DRAGON SLAYER! {Drago fires a very huge fireball at the fireball, absorbing it to make an even bigger fireball that heads towards Gazoron}

Flamago: ABILITY ACTIVATE! BLAZE KICK! {Gazoron's leg catches on fire and kicks the fireball back towards Drago}

Michael: ABILITY ACTIVATE! IRON REFLECTOR! {Drago reflects the fireball back at Gazoron}

{Gazoron gets hit and falls onto the ground}

Michael: ABILITY ACTIVATE! DRAGON MAXUS STORM! {Drago fires down into Gazoron like a meteor, sending Gazoron into Ball Form}

Flamago: {Picks up Gazoron} Grr...

Roy: Wow! That was amazing, Michael! You rock!

Michael: {Catches Drago} Thanks, Roy!

Flamago: NOW!

Michael and Fabia: ?

{Roy pulls out a button from his pocket and pushes it, causing two cages to fall on Michael and Fabia, trapping them in them}

Fabia: We're trapped!

Michael: {Staring at Roy} Roy... Who's side are you really on?!

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