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Scene: Space

{The rocket is travelling through space at high speeds}


{The rocket lands inside a giant cave on another planet}

{Gravity slides Michael to the front of the rocket and lands on the windshield}

Michael: Ow.

Matthew: {Unstrapping seatbelt} why didn't you sit down?

Michael: Marucho never installed a sixth seat. >.>

Taylor: So Cyrophia is a giant cave?

Michael: No. We landed on a neighboring planet called "Xsiforo".

Taylor: How do you know that?

Michael: It says is on this screen on the rocket's control panel. :3

Fabia: We could set this up as a base.

Jorge: But does this planet have oxygen?

Nathan: {Standing outside the rocket in front of the cave's entrence} Does it have what-now?

Jorge: ...Never mind.

{The brawlers look outside of the cave, revealing a cloudy grassland filled with caves and a lone giant tree}

All: Wooooooow.....

Michael: {Looks at the biggest cave and runs towards it}

Fabia: What's he doing?! {Runs off to catch up with him}

{Fabia catches up with Michael}

Fabia: What do you think you're doing?!

Michael: Checking out that cave over there!

Fabia: I'm coming too, because you obviously need to be kept an eye on. >.<

{Michael and Fabia run into the cave}

Scene: Cyrophian Spaceship

Zerongo: {Slams fist on a table} D*MN! HOW COULD I BE BEATEN BY A WEAK LITTLE KID?!?

???: Because you're obviously not strong enough...

{Zerongo turns around, and a dark figure is seen holding a Bakugan up}

???: Face me.

Zerongo: Hmph! You don't look so tough!



???: TAKE HIM DOWN! ABILITY ACTIVATE! DEFUSE QUAZAR! {The mysterious Bakugan fires a blast of fire at Zerangenda}

Zerongo: ABILITY ACTIVATE! DARK FIST! {Zerangenda jumps into the air (Dodging Defuse Quazar) and slams his fist into the mysterious Bakugan}

{The attack hits, knocking the mysterious Bakugan to the ground}

{The mysterious Bakugan gets back up}

???: ABILITY ACTIVATE! RAGNAROK CANNON! {The mysterious Bakugan fires a purple beam at Zerangenda}

Zerongo: ABILITY ACTIVATE! DARK FINISHER! {Zerangenda charges up a dark beam and fires it towards the mysterious Bakugan}

{The attacks collide, but Dark Finisher is stronger and sends the mysterious Bakugan into Ball Form}

???: ...I'll be back. {Vanishes}

Zerongo: Hmm... {Turns on a speaker} Looks like we have a rat out of its cage. Find him.

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