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Scene: New Battle Brawlers HQ

Taylor: I can't believe what they're doing to those kids.

Matthew: Yeah.

Michael: {Slams fist on table} I won't forgive them!

Jorge: Well what do we do?

Michael: Well Marucho gave me the command code for Interspace. If I can get to the AI system, I can put it in and fix everything.

Fabia: But how do we get there unnoticed?

Nathan: {Raises hand} OOH! OOH! I HAVE AN IDEA!!!

Matthew: -_- Here we go again.

Nathan: Since only you and Marucho know the command code, you can go to Interspace disguised as Fabia through the back door Marucho made and put the command code in the AI system while Taylor, Jorge, Matthew, Fabia disguising as you, and I enter Interspace and battle the five Cyrophians to distract them!

Everyone else: ...

Matthew: That might be the smartest thing Nathan has ever said.

Nathan: :D

Jorge: But there's a hole in your plan.

Nathan: What is it?

Jorge: How would Michael and Fabia disguise as each other?

Nathan: Simple! Neathians can transform into Humans. So if Fabia transforms back into her Neathian form and Michael puts his hand on them and she tries to change back, they'll transform into each other!

Jorge: ._. Wow.

Matthew: Since when did you get so smart?

Nathan: COOKIES!!! :D

Matthew: ...Pretend I never asked that.

Taylor: So how about it you two?

Michael and Fabia: {In complete silence and staring at each other}

Taylor: Michael? Fabia?

Michael and Fabia: {Still staring at each other without saying anything}

Matthew: GUYS!!!

Michael and Fabia: {Turns around and looks at Matthew} Huh?

Matthew: What do you think about the plan?

Michael: I guess it's our only choice.

Fabia: Can we do this in private though?

Michael: I don't see why not.

{Michael and Fabia walk into another room}

Michael: Let's just hope this plan works. {Closes eyes}

Fabia: Yeah. {Closes eyes and transforms into Neathian form}

Michael: {Places hand on Fabia's shoulder}

Fabia: {Transforms back into Human form, but she and Michael transform into each other}

Fabia and Michael: {Turns to the nearby mirror and slowly opens eyes}

Michael: I... It worked! {Rubs face} Nathan's crazy plan actually worked! I even sound like you! And I'm a girl now! This makes the diguise more convincing! {Wraps hair around finger} SO SOFT! @_@

Fabia: Then let's try to get this done with as quick as possible.

Michael: {Messing around with his new hair} @_@

Fabia: ...Michael?

Michael: @_@

Fabia: Michael!

Michael: {Quickly turns to Fabia} Huh?

Fabia: We need to focus on the plan.

Michael: Oh, right. Sorry.

{Michael and Fabia walk out of the room and back to Matthew, Jorge, Nathan, and Taylor}

Jorge: Did it work?

Michael: What do you think?

Matthew: Yes?

Michael: Correctamundo.

Taylor: ._. Nathan really is a genius!


Matthew: Later.

Nathan: YAY!!! :D

Fabia: Now let's get this plan over with. This is really embarrasing.

Michael: {Messing with har again} @_@

Taylor: How are you even not embarrased?

Michael: It's the hair. It keeps me happy. @_@

Fabia: >.>

Scene: Bakugan Interspace

{Fabia (Still disguised as Michael), Matthew, Nathan, Jorge, and Taylor teleport into Interspace}


Matthew: Not yet. Do it on my mark.

Nathan: Why?

Matthew: Because Batman says so.

Nathan: O,O Who's Batman?!

Matthew: I'm Batman!

Fabia: {Facepalm} We're not going to set this place on fire.

Nathan & Matthew: Awwwwwwwww... :(

Fabia: Now let's all split up to lure the Cyrophians to different places so Michael can focus on getting Interspace back.

Taylor: I wonder how that's going...

Scene: Bakugan Interspace Control Room

{Michael (Still disguised as Fabia) And Aranaut enter the room}


Aranaut: We have a mission to acomplish.

Michael: Oh, right. *Goes over to the control panel*

Araunaut: There are screens showing almost everywhere in Interspace here. Even the hall leading here.

Michael: LET ME FOCUS!

Aranaut: Well sorry, Princess.

Michael: ...Twenty push-ups.

Aranaut: But-


Aranaut: Princess, no!


{Aranaut falls onto the ground and starts doing push-ups}


Aranaut: {Exhausted} That was hard.

Michael: I see why Fabia wanted to sell you at a garage sale now.

Aranaut: What?

Michael: {Quickly} NOTHING! {Puts a wide smile on face}

Aranaut: Okay Princess.

Michael: {Loses smile}

Aranaut: Oops! Sorry! That smile made me forget you weren't the Princess.

Michael: Alright. Now let me focus.

Scene: Bakugan Interspace

Jorge: Probably okay.

{Aquarious, Windviel, Mudanfolow, and Hikarionola teleport in front of Fabia, Taylor, Nathan, Jorge, and Matthew}

Mudanfolow: Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in and puked all over.

Nathan: Your mom?

Mudanfolow: SHUT UP!

Nathan: I'm being serious.

Everyone else: ._.


Meanwhile, above a nearby roof...

Flamago: {Facing everyone below and is talking into a watch} They're missing someone, sir.

???: Who?

Flamago: The girl.

???: Don't worry. I'll get rid of this rat.

Flamago: But sir-

???: Trust me. This girl won't know what happened once I'm finished with her.

Flamago: Yes, sir. {Hangs up and jumps down the building, landing with Aquarious, Windviel, Mudanfolow, and Hikarionola}

Nathan: Yay! It's Santa!

Flamago: I'm not Sa-

Matthew: Merry Christmas!

Flamago: I'M-

Nathan: Santa.

Flamago: I'M NOT SANTA!!!

Jorge: -_- Can we just brawl now?

Hikarionola: Yeahsurewhynot?

Scene: A giant arena

Everyone: BAKUGAN, BRAWL!!!

Fabia: Let's do this Ara- erm... Drago!

Drago: Don't worry! I've got this!

Taylor: Go get 'em, Elfin!

Elfin: You've got it!

Nathan: Teach them the true meaning of Christmas, Ingram!

Ingram: But it's not even December.

Nathan: It doesn't matter!

Jorge: I'm counting on you, Wilda!

Wilda: You can count on me!

Matthew: Make them eat dirt, Percival!

Percival: But I'm not Subterra.

Matthew: Then use some of Wilda's dirt.

Flamago: Burn them to death, Gazoron!

Aquarious: Drown them, Aquamon!

Windviel: Make them freeze to death with your wind, Windoron!

Mudanfolow: Bury them in quicksand, Earthargo!

Hikarionola: Burn them to death with your harsh light, Lightonoid!

Matthew: Your whole life you've had an irrational fear of flamingos, so I painted this room flamingo pink.

{The arena is painted flamingo pink}

Flamago: Ha, ha. Very funny.

{The arena is no longer painted flamingo pink (F**k Logic)}

Flamago: ABILITY ACTIVATE! FLAMING CHARGE! {Gazoron bursts into flames and charges towards Percival}

Jorge: ABILITY ACTIVATE! EARTH REFLECTOR! {Wilda gets in the way and makes a shield, protecting him and Percival from the attack}

Windviel: ABILITY ACTIVATE! AIR SMASHER! {Windoron charges towards Wilda, jumps in the air, releases two blades, and crashes down towards Wilda}

Nathan: DOUBLE ABILITY ACTIVATE! WIND BLOWER + WIND INCREASER! {Ingram charges into Windoron, and Wind Increaser makes the impact more powerful}

{Windoron turns into Ball Form}

Hikarionola: ABILITY ACTIVATE! BLIND LIGHTER! {Lightonoid lets off a giant light, blinding Drago, Elfin, Ingram, Wilda, and Percival}

Drago: I CAN'T SEE!

Aquarious: ABILITY ACTIVATE! AQUA BLASTER! {Aquamon fires a huge blast of pressurized water at Wilda}

{Wilda turns into Ball Form}

Fabia: ABILITY ACTIVATE! IRON HAMMER! {Iron Dragonoid smashes Aquamon to the ground}

{Aquamon turns into Ball Form}

Scene: Bakugan Interspace Control Room

Aranaut: So what are you doing?

Michael: Pressing random colorful buttons to see where I need to enter the access code.

{A dark figure can be seen on the screen that shows the hall to the control room, though Michael and Aranaut don't notice}

Aranaut: Did you find anything useful ye-

Michael: FOUND IT! Now just to enter the access co-

{A man walks in the room}

{Michael and Aranaut turn around}

???: There you are...

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