*A blue-haired girl teleports to a back alley in Bakugan Interspace*

*The girl puts her right index finger, middle finger, and thumb up to a device in her right ear*

Girl: I'm here.


Girl: Yeah. Where is he?


Girl: Alright. I'll wait.


Girl: Thanks. You too.

*The girl hangs up her device*

Girl: If they couldn't even take him out, how will I fair against him...?

Fight for All Logo


*A hand reaches out of a bed, hitting a button on a buzzing alarm clock*

???: *Sighs*

*A teenage boy gets out of bed and walks to his bathroom*

*The boy goes through his daily routine, getting dressed, eating, brushing his teeth, etc.*

*The boy leaves his house, gets on a bike, and rides to a spherical done a few blocks over*

*After arriving, the boy heads inside and goes into a capsule-like device and gets turned into digital code, and is uploaded onto a server*


*The boy checks a watch-like device, labelled BakuMeter, with a holographic screen projecting from it, showing his profile*

NAME: Michael Shraze

SEX: Male

AGE: 14

RANK: 8,991,927th

STATUS: Online

LOCATION: Access Point Station (Server 16)

BAKUGAN: Pyrus Fangoid; Pyrus Jetro; Pyrus Luxtor; Pyrus Raptorix; Pyrus Scaboid; Pyrus Ziperator

Michael: Has my rank seriously gone that much lower?! Wasn't it somewhere around 8.2 million yesterday?! Jeez...

*Michael closes his profile*

Michael: Whatever.

*Michael opens up another screen on his BakuMeter, showing a map, as he starts walking*

Michael: I can just go to Brawler's Café and beat some Brawlers around there.

*As Michael starts making a turn around a corner, a blue-haired girl runs into Michael, causing the two to collide into each-other and fall onto the ground*


???: Sorry! I'm in a hurry! I have to go!

*The girl summons a portal and runs through it*

*Michael stands back up, rubbing his head*

Michael: The hell was her deal?

???: Maybe you should question your own behavior before you question her's.

Michael: What the--

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