Bakugan: Dead Legends
Created By Valentin 98
Number of Seasons One
Part 1 Length 30
Part 2 Length 30
Number of Chapters 13 (currently)
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Bakugan Heroes: Dark Destiny is a Fan Fiction written by Valentin 98.




The New Battle BrawlersEdit

  • Justin Pyrus
    • Bakugan: Forever Elyte Pyrus
  • Steven Thompson Darkus
    • Bakugan: Aerial Blasteroid Darkus
  • Angelica Osono Haos
    • Bakugan: Sprite Ethereas Haos
  • Matthew Locello Darkus
    • Bakugan: Giga Ironjaw Darkus
  • Albi Marchassi Ventus
    • Bakugan: Sonar Weedracker Ventus
  • Kevin LajachSubterra
    • Bakugan: Battalion Boarrox Subterra
  • Jorgie Urbane Aquos
    • Bakugan: Hunter Reptillean Aquos
  • Ben Renzo Haos
    • Bakugan: Bolt Gigasaur Haos
  • Jake Kuso Darkus
    • Bakugan: ??? Darkus
  • Matthew Jackal Subterra
    • Bakugan: Aegis RavageSubterra

The Rogue BrawlersEdit

  • Nick Pascaman Aquos
    • Bakugan: Dreamminger Aquos
    • Combination (with Chris's Titanicoid): Drealm Aquos & Subterra
  • Chris DarrowSubterra
    • Bakugan: Titanicoid Subterra
    • Combination (with Nick's Dreamminger): Drealm Aquos & Subterra

Karma PoliceEdit

  • Cyrus Osono Pyrus
    • Bakugan: Testor Dragonoid Pyrus


Ownerless BakuganEdit



Ownerless BakuganEdit


  • Exorcist Darkus
    • Bakugan: Leonidas Darkus (Unnamed, corrupted version)


Ownerless BakuganEdit

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