BL4D3D4NC3R is a Robot!
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Gender Male
Species Robot
Affiliation Villain
Style Balanced
Weapon(s) Plasma Swords
Power(s) Nano-Machines


An Advanced Mechari Construct that wields several plasma swords and a gravity field. He fights by levitating the swords around him with his gravity. By doing this, he can attack and defend from effectively any range. He also is built with a XM1014 Deflector Core, which makes Ranged Attacks Curve around him, and mitigates melee damage. Has several different stances that he can switch between at will. In Usurper Stance, he deals more damage to targets who have more Health, Defense or Speed than him. In Athlethia Stance, he becomes three times faster and his melee damage is greatly increased, but his defense is reduced. In Bastion Stance, he has passive recovery and increased defenses, but he moves slower. In Charged Stance, he is unable to attack or move, but he takes no damage until it's over. After Charged Stance is over, he can enter the Blademaster's Wheel Stance, where all his stats are tripled, and he is able to attack with more plasma swords. However, when this stance is over, he is vulnerable for 10 seconds. In Crushing Stance, he uses his swords for defending, choosing to use his gravity field to crush and slow opponents, and lowering the gravity around him. However, he can now be attacked by all damage. In Deflector Stance, Ranged weapons can now hurt him, but melee attacks will be deflected back at the user. It takes 3 seconds for him to change stances.

Description of Armor:Edit

  • XM1014 Deflector Core - Causes ranged attacks to curve around him and mitigates melee damage.

Description of Weapon:Edit

  • Plasma Swords -




  • Nano-Machines
    • Harden body
    • Stat changes
    • Repair wounds

Common Attacks:Edit

Special Attacks:Edit

Strongest Special Attack:Edit


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