BAKUGAN The Movie 2: Endgame also known as Episode 39: Endgame is the true series finale of the popular BAKUGAN fanon. It will be released in Summer 2013, possibly July. The movies' script has been being written since March 2013. It will premiere on July 29th, 2012.


See Episode 39: The War Of Worlds for the full episode/movie.

Balista, Drags, Falco, and Leoness are having random and crazy adventures, but then a new evil comes, they are getting replaced by these toys called Galaxia! Balista meets Atsilab, his new Galaxia doppleganger, and he says that all Bakugan toys will be destroyed for good, but will Balista stand for this? Or will this be Bakuganmageddon?


  • John DiMaggio as Balista
  • Antony Del Rio as Drags
  • Ian James Corlett as Falco
  • Patrick Warbuton as Leoness
  • Al Pacino as Drags' Father
  • Zie as himself (Zie)
  • Zie as Zierant (Bakugan)
  • Tom Kenny as Oclaf
  • Erin Matthews as Ssenoel
  • Alex Hirsch as Sgard
  • Will Friedle as Atsilab
  • Paul Reubens as Tnareiz
  • Jeremy Irons as UNKNOWN VILLAIN/ANTAGONIST & Mr. Plei Toi
  • Sandra Bullock as Overkilla
  • Spinmaster Employees as themselves
  • Ronnen Harary as himself
  • Mitsuo Hashimoto as himself

Original Names for the finaleEdit

  • Project End
  • The End 2
  • The True End
  • BAKUGAN Unleashed
  • The War Of Worlds

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