Berserk Annoying Krazy Unrealistic Great Awesome Ness also known as Galaxia BAKUGAN for short, is a fanon developed by Zie. It involves the wacky adventures of Drags and Balista, who have crazy adventures when their Brawler is away.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Balista The Troll (Full Name - Balista Venashalloger Lista): Balista is an Aquos Bakugan who loves to troll and make jokes around, he can be crazy and smart sometimes.
  • Drags The Dragonoid (Full Name - Dragson Zeus Drakken): Drags is a Gren Dragaon who is smart and powerful in battles. He's the main character.
  • Falco The Failing Falcon (Real Name - Falcolostas Loser Coop): Falco is a clumsy Lashow Falco who barely can fly and always fails at everything. Bad luck Brian Falco.
  • Leoness The Sore Lion (Full Name - Leonessnorth Smurger Sora): Leoness has a really sore throat and sounds like a kitten when he roars. But Leoness has brute strength as an Ogre Leoness.
  • Sky & Gaia: Brother and sister, Sky is the tomboyish one and Gaia is the smart one who can be annoying sometimes. They appear in the final episode.
  • Gunther: A Darkus Warius who is the so claimed mightiest of all Bakugan, he has a fear of shovels. He was supposed to appear in Season 4 but the creator decided to cancel Season 3 so he will be in the true final episode.
    • Mexican Drago: A mexican Dragonoid, while his motives are unknown.


  • Tavanel The God Of Trolling: The leader of TROLL (Terrible Ruthless Obvious Lethal Losers), Tavanel is the antagonist of Season 1 but later becomes good and returns with the other members of TROLL in Season 2.
  • Jinryu The Dragonic Troll: The commander of TROLL, he is constantly furious at Tavanel.
  • Duck the Dragonoid: A Blast Dragonoid who has been constantly called Duck or Duckenson, he gets angry a lot, and always fires his disks at Bakugan.
  • Hollow Munikis: First appearing in The Troll Games Arc, Munikis later becomes the antagonist of Season 2, plotting to destroy the Ideaverse and the world.
  • Scooter: The other cousin of Balista, despite not really looking related due to being a Wontu, Scooter returns unexpectedly in the season 2 finale.
  • Plei Toi: A villain in Season 3, an asian toy maker who runs the MasterSpin company.
  • Bob Hoskins: The leader of the illuminati, he faked his death.

Other/Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Zarant the Almighty: A Bakugan remodeled after its owner, it inherits a humanoid dragon appearance.
  • Charley: The county sheriff, he has his own show. Is he really stupid or is he part of the illuminati too?
  • Meta Dragonoids: They love their Mommas
  • Jerry: The pillow pet of Balista, it came alive and is a close friend of Balista.
  • Butlerlista: The Butler of Balista.
  • Mexican Dharak: The brother of Mexican Drago, apparently deceased.
  • Asian Teacher: A teacher secretly part of the illuminati, he teaches the gang in school, wait - since when did Bakugan go to school.

The BakuGodsEdit

These are the most powerful figures in the "BAKUGAN Universe" they have a role in Episode 40.

  • Vennu Mallesh: Said to be the most powerful figure in the BAKUGANverse, he is the god to the other gods.
  • Bangz: The greatest rapper ever, his songs revived Tupac.
  • Daler Mendhi: The last airbender of India.
  • Carlton: The best dancer, recognized as the savior of the world. His dancing brought peace.
  • Fifth BakuGod: Not sure who is the fifth one, but it's just another figure.
  • Sixth BakuGod: Legends claim this is the eldest and the true most powerful figure, greater than Vennu Mallesh. Nothing is known about this one, however it has appeared in the series, you just don't know who it is.

Premise and ReceptionEdit

The series was first conceived when Zie returned to this wiki, he made the series.

In season 1, the 4 characters had random adventures, and they did as well in season 2.



The series has 52 episodes and 3 movies: A Very BAKUGAN Christmas (Episodes 20-24), What Happened To BAKUGAN? (Episodes 36-39), and technically a third one which is a two-parter in Season 3. was announced on June 21st, 2014, it is said to have a new main characters, Sky & Gaia - Subterra Dragonoids. Certain characters will be returning, including Grover and Misty. Season 4 is coming as well, most likely as there are some episodes needed to be written, a new Darkus Bakugan main character will be introduced named Gunther, a Darkus Warius.

Season 1: (October 2012 - January 2013)Edit

Season 2 (March 2013 - April 2014)Edit

Season 2.5 (???)Edit

Season 3: (October 2022)Edit

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