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Aura human form
Debut {{{debut}}}
Used By None
Gender Female
G-Power {{{G}}}
Attribute True Darkus
Weaponry Ethereal Soul

Phantom Pain

Family Eris
Title Ethereal Mercy
Status Alive


Aura is the daughter of Menoetius and Nocturnal. She is a skilled fighter, using evasive manevours and athletic abilities to swiftly dance in and out of battle. She fights mostly using a large gun on her left arm called Phantom Pain, and focuses on single enemies. However, when in close quarters, Phantom Pain can disappear and she uses a katana called Ethereal Soul instead.


Aura is inquisitive and adventurous, as well as being highly perceptive of things. She is caring towards others, even her enemies, showing mercy in battle often. 


  • Ethereal Soul: A katana that has the unique ability to phase through things at Aura's will. If it phases through the opponent's body, it hits his/her soul and leaves the opponent almost completely paralyzed.
  • Phantom Pain: A large gun that can disappear and reappear at Aura's will, it can be used at long range or short range. At Aura's will, it can fire a special shot that hits the opponent's soul, not his/her body, and distorts his/her soul out of the body temporarliy, leaving the opponent paralyzed, or it can open a portal to the Void. It can also fire a normal blast of Darkus energy that can destroy the opponent.



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