Athena is a Hero!
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Gender Female
Race Anicien
Affiliation Hero
Style Defensive
Fighting Style Defend and support allies
Weapon(s) Bow and Arrow
Abilities Angelic Aura
Aura Manipulation
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Athena has long, blone hair, and bright yellow eyes. She has two white, feathery wings, almost matching her pale skin. Athena can create light barriers to protect allies and deflect energy blasts at opponents. In addition, she can create an aura around an ally to strengthen her ally. Athena is also able to manipulate her aura or others' aura to create her own energy blasts. 

Description of Equipment:Edit

  • Armored Chestplate - White armor with a golden outline. It has a large, golden necklace with a diamond attached to it.
  • Wristbands - A golden band around each of her wrists. 
  • Gloves - White plastic over both her hands. Each glove has holes for her fingers and thumbs. 
  • Armored Leggings - White armor attached to the end of her chestplate. It is crossed with golden lines. 
  • Armored Boots - White boots with golden soles. 

Description of Weapon:Edit

  • Bow and Arrow - An ordinary bow, that needs energy to power-up.



Athena currently has a hard time trusting others after being betrayed by her closest ally. Otherwise, she is very kind to all. She listens to every word spoken by allies and tries to help out when needed. 


  • Flight
  • Create barriers to deflect and protect
  • Strength allies
  • Aura Manipulation


Special Abilities:Edit

  • Angel's Blessing - Athena creates yellow armor on herself or an ally for extra protection.
  • Angel's Support - Athena creates a yellow aura around herself or an ally to strength him or her. 
  • Energy Blast - Athena channels the aura around her or an ally and releases an energy blast at her opponent. 
  • Life's Hold - Athena shoots an arrow through an opponent (with little pain done), that creates a thread of light that attaches to the ground, an opponent, or an object. 

Strongest Special Ability:Edit


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