Aquos Asmodeus
Attribute Aquos Aquos
Power N/A
Variations Asmodeus
Brawler Mizuruto (current)

Asmodeus is an evil Aquos Bakugan who serves as the Guardian Bakugan of Mizuruto.


A scaly, reptilian-like creature, Asmodeus is a very intimidating opponent. His immense and sharp claws can cut through almost any surface, and he is very agile and swift. Asmodeus is also capable of transforming into a substance with properties of water, which makes him stronger but also more vulnerable to certain attacks.


Asmodeus is a sharp and clever opponent in battle, and is able to use his adversary's weaknesses to his own advantage using his vast knowledge. He is very sadistic and cruel, and enjoys exploiting his opponent's weak points. However, Asmodeus can be extremely overconfident, which often leads to his defeat in the hands of his adversaries.


Asmodeus first appears upon coming into Bakugan City via portal. He begins to terrorize nearby bystanders, only to be approached by Valentin's nephew Ben Renzo and his Bakugan, Haos Bolt Gigasaur. Though he loses their battle at first, with the coming of his partner Mizuruto, Asmodeus gains the upper hand over Gigasaur. However, his overconfidence becomes his defeat, as Asmodeus electrocuted by Gigasaur while the former is in his liquid state.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Molecular ShiftingEdit

Asmodeus is able to rearrange the components that make up his body into that of a substance similar to water in order to be able to cover opponents, smother them, and do other things he cannot do while solid. This form, however, leaves him immensely prone to electrical attacks, as shown in his first encounter with Gigasaur. It is possible that this is just merely the effect of the Ability Molecular Charybdis, which displays nearly the exact same transformation with the same abilities.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Odysseus Disrupt: Asmodeus lets loose an ear-splitting screech that momentarily stuns all opponents.
  • Spit Loose Poison: Asmodeus spits out a purple, volatile liquid into his target's eyes. The victim is blinded for a while.
  • Molecular Charybdis: Asmodeus transforms into a liquid state, which is able to move, jump, and even take the shape of Asmodeus himself. Asmodeus is also able to slip through even the smallest of openings in this form. See Molecular Shifting for more information.
  • Powder Bane: A purple, powdery-like substance rains down onto the battlefield, stinging all opponents and even exposing those who are invisible.
  • Volley Tsunami: A huge mass of swirling water engulfs the victim, drowning them and occasionally even defeating them.


  • Asmodeus is named after one of the seven princes of the underworld, who represents the emotion of lust. However, the Bakugan Asmodeus completely has no similarities to his namesake, other than the fact that both are evil beings bent on destruction.
  • It is possible that when Asmodeus had went into his liquid state before, he was using Molecular Charybdis, although that Ability was not announced until Dark Destiny Chapter Sixteen.


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