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Aslihian vs. PB900, Winx vs. Val! Episode 32

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10 more minutes later...

Aslihian) Flash, we win, you get a donut!

Flash Helios) *Comes out of ball form* YAY!

PB900) Ready, Twin Ion Dragonoid?

Twin Ion Dragonoid) Yep! *Comes out of ball form*

PB900) Ability Activate! Blaze-twin Blast! ( Twin Ion Dragonoid releases two windy blast, on fire, from each of his heads )

Aslihian) Ability Activate! Solar Blast! ( Flash Helios takes the solar energy he absorbed and sents an attack at his opponent )

( The blast collide and destroy each other )

Aslihian) Ability Activate! Donutted! ( Flash Helios fires a blast of fire, that looks like a donut )

( A fiery wheel comes from Flash Helios' mouth and Flash Helios chases it )

( The fiery wheel goes through the smoke as Flash Helios follows )

PB900) Ability Activate! Ionic Phrase! ( Twin Ion Dragonoid releases two beams of burning winds )

( The two beams hit Flash Helios )

( Flash Helios flips into the air, while the fiery wheel hits Twin Ion Dragonoid )

( Flash Helios turns to his ball form, while Twin Ion Dragonoid separates into Twin and Ion Dragonoid and go into their ball form )

Wolfgang) ...Looks like it should have been a draw, saddly...Pyrusbrawler900 is DQed for using a fusion of two of his bakugans...*Leaves the risers and heads inside to see Samantha*

10 minutes later...

​Winx) Ability Activate! Cyber Flames! ( Meta Phoenix shoots little missles of metal and flames )

Val) Ability Activate! Raptor Twist! ( Raptoroid jumps and spins with his four legs above ground )

( All the small missles crash into Raptoroid with zero damage dealt )

Winx) Ability Activate! Metal Flames! ( Meta Phoenix releases a vortex of flames with metal at his opponent )

Val) Ability Activate! Air Crush! ( Raptoroid jumps into the air and squishes the opponent )

( Raptoroid jumps over and into the vortex, making it fade away )

( Raptoroid's leg breaks off again )

Winx) Ability Activate! Metal Flame Cutter! ( Meta Phoenix slams his wings onto his opponent )

( Meta Phoenix charges towards Raptoroid and gets ready to smash him )

Val) [When Meta Phoenix is close] Ultimate Ability Activate! Predator's Kill! ( Raptoroid releases a beam )

( Meta Phoenix gets hit by the beam and turns to his ball form )

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