The next day...

Fire Strike Helios) RAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *Pushes Flash Helios back*

Flash Helios) FOR THE DONUTS!! *Gains control, holding steady*

Fire Strike Helios) FOR LADY HEAT! *Pushes harder*

Flash Helios) FOR THE SUN!! *Pushes with all might*

Fire Strike Helios) ...

Flash Helios) AHHHH! *Heels dig into the dirt*

Fire Strike Helios) YOU KNOW WHAT! *Lets go of Flash Helios* Screw this...I'm BUFF! *Walks away*

Flash Helios) ...*Turns around* O_O

( FS Helios' foot bulldozes Flash Helios )


( FS Helios' fiery outline jumps over him and lands his foot on Flash Helios' chest )

Fiery Outline) We're buff! *Disappears*

C22) Ability Activate! Radiant Wings! ( Fire Strike Helios' four wings spread out with a solar shine that can blind )

( The solar light gets absorbed into Flash Helios' chest orb )

Aslihian) Ability Activate! Solar Blast! ( Flash Helios takes the solar energy he absorbed and sents an attack at his opponent )

( The solar blast hits FS Helios )

C22) Ability Activate! Solar Splash! ( Fire Strike Helios lands on the opponent with a sun heated body )

( FS Helios flips his body around and falls towards Fire Strike Helios )

Aslihian) Ability Activate! Solar Rush! ( Flash Helios charges into the opponent with a bright yellow aura )

( FS Helios' outline appears )

( Flash Helios charges through the outline and stops with confusion )

( FS Helios grabs Flash Helios, spins, and body slams Flash Helios, to the ground )

C22) Ability Activate! Fury Fire! ( FS Helios assualts the opponent with fiery fist outlines )

( FS Helios punches with impact )

( Flash Helios grabs FS Helios' fist )

Flash Helios) You made me angry...*Headbutts FS Helios*

( FS Helios backs up dazed )

Aslihian) Ability Activate! Solar Burn! ( Flash Helios releases a bright beam that quickly burns any bakugan )

( The beam hits FS Helios, while he backs up )

( Flash Helios gets up )

Aslihian) Ability Activate! Donutted! ( Flash Helios fires a blast of fire, that looks like a donut )

C22) Ability Activate! Solar Cannon! ( A fiery outline of a cannon is created on FS Helios' back and used as a weapon )

( Flash Helios chases the fiery donut that's rolling towards FS Helios )

C22Helios) Ability Activate! Cannon Lift! ( FS Helios digs the cannon into his opponent and send him/her flying )

( FS Helios ducks )

( The fiery donut rolls up FS Helios' cannon and down his body )

Flash Helios) DONUT! *Steps onto FS Helios' cannon )

FS Helios) Thin sucka! *Lifts his cannon up quickly*

( Flash Helios flies into the sky )

C22Helios) Ultimate Ability Activate! Solar Double-strike! ( FS Helios fires a blast from his cannon that strikes the opponent with an outline hit and a direct hit )

'BOOM!' *The blast hits Flash Helios*

( Flash Helios returns to his ball form )

FS Helios) Buff! *Flexes*

DarkusFan202 vs. Valentin 98! Episode 37

Grade of Aslihian vs. C22Helios! Episode 36?

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