Ascentus is a Speporan!
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Gender Male
Species Speporan
Affiliation Hero
Style Balance
Weapon(s) Speporan Staff
Power(s) Supernatural Speed
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Wind Manipulation
Increased Electric Resilience


He is Pacentus' father and Sylority's husband, and is one of Spepora's nine elite warriors. Ascentus has light green skin, dark green eyes, and shoulder-length, dark green hair. His two feathery wings are light green. He is well known among all Speporans as possibly one of the best to ever live.

Description of Armor:Edit

Description of Weapon:Edit

  • Speporan Staff -



Ascentus is dedicated to protecting Spepora. He'll do what's best for Spepora even if he could be killed. Ascentus can be brutally honest towards others, but he only does so with positive attentions. When giving advice to Pacentus, he always tells Pacentus the truth whether what he's doing is good, needs improvement, or is a waste of energy. Ascentus is also a charismatic leader, who can easily keep control of his squad of warriors. He was mentored by the great Holomakus.


  • Supernatural Speed
    • Provides Charge for Electrical Strikes
    • Flash Step
    • G-Force Adaption
  • Enhanced Strength (when angered)
  • Enhanced Speed (when angered)
  • Increased Electric Resilience
  • Wind Manipulation
    • Flight
    • Air Ball Projection


  • Shoulder Ram - Ascentus drives his shoulder into his opponent.
  • Stomach Stab -
  • Stomach Smash -
  • Leg Sweep -
  • Head Smash -
  • Uppercut -

Special Attack:Edit

  • Backflip Kick -
  • Swoop Attack -
  • Dual Staff Barrage -
  • Gale Force - Ascentus flaps his winds, producing intense winds to slow down and sometimes immobilize an opponent.
    • Electric Gale - Electricity discharges into the winds Ascentus creates.
  • Dive Bomb - From a high altitude, Ascentus shoots towards his opponent, knocking him or her down.
    • Electro-Bomb - Electricity surrounds Ascentus as he preforms a Dive Bomb.
  • Electric Discharge - Electricity erupts around Ascentus' body, electrocuting those anywhere around him.
  • Air Ball - Ascentus creates a ball of wind in his palm(s) and throws or rams the ball of wind into his opponent(s).
    • Electro-Ball - Electricity charges into the ball of wind as Ascentus creates the windy sphere.
  • Massive Air Ball - Ascentus creates a large sphere of wind between his palms and throws or rams the windy sphere into his opponent(s).
    • Massive Electro-Ball - Electricity charges into Ascentus' massive ball of wind.

Strongest Special Attack:Edit

  • Electric Tornado - From a high altitude, Ascentus rotates rapidly to cause clouds to wrap around his body, while electricity discharges from his body. He slowly approaches his opponent as a funnel, sucking him or her inside and repeatedly zapping and slashing him or her.


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