Aryan Gore is a FLW Powerhouse!
Aryan Gore
Aryan Gore
Nickname(s) "Man of Action"
Affiliation Heel
Gimmick Megastar
Wrestling Style Powerhouse High-Flyer
Signature(s) Diving Spear
Lifting Inverted DDT
Finisher(s) Leg-Trap Spinebuster
Fireman Carry Cutter
Debut August 13, 2014
FLW Wrestling: Impression - Episode 15
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Gender Male
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Age 24
Height 6'7"
Weight 280 pounds
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With an impressive physique, he is a tall man with a following of women. He has a six-pack and his muscle is well defined.


Relationships: Edit


Ring Entrance:Edit


Black trunks with waves of blood and steel-like letters scrambled. The letters are positioned with three on his trunk's front and back and one on the left and right. "M, R, S, G, A, E, T, and A" are the letters and they spell "Megastar."

Entrance Description: Edit



Commonly Used Maneuvers (with desc.):Edit

  • Superplex -
  • Avalanche Back Suplex -
  • Running Shoulder Block -
  • Running Back Elbow -
  • Corner Shoulder Thrusts -
  • Diving Crossbody -
  • Mounted Punches -  
  • Diving Lariat -
  • Belly to Back Backbreaker -


  • Diving Spear -
  • Lifting Inverted DDT -


  • Leg-Trap Spinebuster -
  • Fireman Carry Cutter -


Tag Maneuvers (with desc.): Edit

FLW Wrestling: Impression - Episode 15 - Along with "Hunter of Villains" Vance Dyholt and "OCB" Rafe Blyan, all three big men debuted in the Stars of FLW's locker-room. When discovered, they were with three gifts: a 60in HDTV, refrigerator, and a leather, black loveseat. Although, "The Star" Aaron Highlight would eventually kick them out. Before leaving, Crystal answered Aryan's question about who impressed her the most with the "Man of Action" as her choice. Aryan would leave after kissing Crystal's hand, slamming his shoulder into Aaron's face, and mumbling "she's mine."



Personal Life:Edit

Storyline Events:Edit

Singles Match Record:Edit

Date Opponent(s) Match Type Stipulation(s) Referee(s) Result

Tag Team Match Record:Edit

Date Partner(s) Opponent(s) Match Type Stipulations Referee Result

Maneuver Videos:Edit


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