Arson Helios is a Pyrus, bipedal, dragon-like Bakugan. He has a taller and slimmer form then Extremis Helios, and has less metallic looking parts. He belongs to C22helios.


Bust Core Cannon - Helios flies into the air, and thrusts his hands downward. Flames spiral around his body and reach his arms. The flames form into a sphere, and is launched downward.

Limit Break - Helios dives at the opponent from high up, and has flames surround his body. He impacts the target with the horn on his forehead.

Relentless Rush - Helios' appendages catch fire, as he combos many kicks and punches without end.

Pyro Javelin - Helios launches a beam of red energy from his mouth.

Counter Attack - Before getting hit by an attack, Helios strafes out of the way, throws a heavy punch if close up, or a powerful beam of energy from his chest if at a range.

Accelerant Sphere - Helios raises his palm, and a giant orange-ish red sphere appears above him. He can condense it and it the opponent with it at close range, or throw it.

Whip Tail - Helios' Tail wraps around the oppoent's leg, and pulls it, making them trip.

Vacuum Flame - Helios flies into the air, and releases a tornado of fire. The opponent then gets sucked in.

Power Break - Helios hits the opponent's weak spot, and then follows up with a kick.

Overhead Blow - Helios clasps both his fists together, as they catch fire, and strik the opponent's head.

Ultimate AbilitiesEdit

Arson Raze - An stronger version of Ascended Helios' Dragon Raze. Several fireballs are shot into the air, and explode into smaller, more powerful ones that seek out the opponent. They explode on impact.

Arson Stream - Helios glows red, and he becomes faster and stronger.

Sacred AbilityEdit

Ultimate Punchout - Helios becomes completely engulfed in flames, and then attacks the opponent without stopping, once the opponent has had enough, he ends with a massive blast of fire around his body.

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