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Ardere (New)
Debut TBA
Used By None
Type Pyrus Ardere
Gender Male
G-Power 1400 G
Attribute Tartaronian Pyrus
Theme Song TBA
Main Adversaries Typhon
Main Allies Omega Robotallion, Aestus, Oculus, Terror Serpens, More...
Close Relationships TBA
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
Battle Gear None
Fate Alive

Ardere is a Pyrus Tartaronian Bakugan from New Tartarus. He is due to appear in Bakugan: Olympian War as one of the Olympia Bakugan.



The sheer size and strength of Ardere strikes fear into his opponents before the battle has even begun. With a large, armoured body, few attacks affect him while he lays waste to the land and mercilessly crushes anyone that happens to get in his way. He has strong manipulation over magma and uses it to futher protect himself and to incinerate his enemies. With four large arms, few can survive a strike from this powerful warrior.


Ardere is usually very serious and gets easily annoyed by people with a different outlook on things. Despite this he is very protective of his his friends and will even risk his own life to protect them. He has a streak of vanity in him, stating that no one could ever possible match his strength and that he could easily crush any opponent that might come his way. Some say his attitude towards things is twisted, almost insane even, though there are still those who can see through that and recognize his true personality, that of a kind caring Bakugan. It is rumored that he once had a daugther who was kidnapped and supposedly killed, hence his stone cold attitude, though this have never been proven. He commonly proclaims his hate for Typhon, stating that he wants nothing more then to destroy him for all that he has done.



Bakugan: Olympian WarEdit

Notable QuotesEdit

  • (To Typhon) "If you think your weak attacks can harm me, you're sadly mistaken!"
  • (To Typhon) "Sorry, I didn't know the circus was in town!"

Ability CardsEdit

  • Nova Impact
  • Magma Barrier
  • Eclipse Rampage
  • Molten Soldier
  • Molten Armour
  • Blaze Conquest

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

  • Lava Floodgate
  • Alto Core
  • Blitz Omega

Ultimate Ability CardEdit

  • Eternal Inferno

Olympia Ability CardsEdit

  • Ignis Diluvium (Fire Flood)
  • Ferrum Deus (Steel God)


  • He is named after the Latin word for blaze.


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