Debut TBA
Used By Icefern
Gender Male
G-Power 1000 G (Bakugan RP)
Attribute Aquos Aquos
Title None
Status Alive
Weaponry {{{weapon}}}
Close Relationships Unknown
Main Adversaries Unknown
Main Allies Unknown

Araumi is an Aquos Bakugan used by Icefern.


Araumi carries two blades that each contain acid at the tips, dissolving the opponent's flesh after an attack. He has the ability to manipulate ice at will. He glides towards the opponent with mach speed, grazing them with the wings' tips.


He is noted to be somewhat maniacal. Being cruel and merciless towards his opponents is basically Araumi's occupation.

Ability CardsEdit

Bakugan Roleplay AbilitiesEdit

  • Shredding Monsoon- All Bakugan return to their base G-Power. If it is Pyrus or Subterra, Araumi gains 200 Gs. If it is or over 1000 G, the opponent loses an additional 200 Gs. This ability can be activated no matter the conditions.
  • Stygian Depth-?

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