Apocalypse is a FLW Luchador!
FLW Apocalypse
Nickname(s) "The Pale Rider"
Affiliation Heel
Gimmick "The Pale Rider"
Wrestling Style Brawling Luchador + Stamina + x2 Agility
Signature(s) Scythe
Talk to the Hand
Finisher(s) Apoca-Fist
Flying Reaper
Debut Has not debuted yet
Real Name Angel Lopez
Gender Male
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Age Unknown
Height 5'9"
Weight 250 pounds
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Green eyes (but usually has frosty white contact lenses in interviews and such), almost bald haircut.


  • Mysterious
  • Consequent

Relationships: Edit


Ring Entrance:Edit

During his entrance, he walks to the ring in a pale white hoodie, along with his ring gear.


In the ring, he wears his bone white tights, very pale green gauntlets outlined with silver that are on his lower arms and stop just before his wrists, bone white knuckle wraps, along with black boots. He also wears a bone white and pale green mask that looks like a skull.

Entrance Description: Edit



Commonly Used Maneuvers (with desc.):Edit

  • Diving DDT -
  • Diving Spear -
  • Diving Fist Drop -
  • Hurricanarana Driver -
  • Brainbuster -
  • Punches into Hurricanarana
  • Flying Clothesline
  • Running Dropkick


  • Scythe - Used after a opponent falls on his knees, using the upper arm to slam down on his neck, usually followed by an attempt at a pin
  • Talk to the Hand - Used after an opponent is dazed, Apocalypse jumps over their shoulders and then backhand punches them
  • Diving Lou Thesz into mounted punches


  • Apoca-Fist - Usually after an opponent is slightly dazed, a series of punches to the chest and an uppercut, then one powerful punch to the middle of the chest
  • Flying Reaper - Jumping in the air and performing a midair head grab, then slamming the opponent on the canvas

Tag Maneuvers (with desc.): Edit



Storyline Events:Edit

Singles Match Record:Edit

Date Opponent(s) Match Type Stipulation(s) Referee(s) Result

Tag Team Match Record:Edit

Date Partner(s) Opponent(s) Match Type Stipulations Referee Result

Maneuver Videos:Edit


(Note: Usually started at 0:26)

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive - LYRICS on Screen03:06

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive - LYRICS on Screen

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