Anewal is a Reality!
Species Anewan
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Normal Style Offensive
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Powersource Anewall
Status Stable


Death is everywhere on Anewal; it's a place no one would want to be. Limbs float down bloody rivers daily, while bones lay scattered all over the place. All vegetation is either died or rotten. Graves are dug all around since it's only fitting that Anewans come out of the ground when woken. Anewans are able to resurrect themselves when they have enough life energy collected. They collect the life of their foes to revive themselves when needed or change into a much more powerful form. If an Anewan was to be killed, he or she will die without life energy to resurrect themselves. They tend to have dark gray skin with sewage green patches of skin, patches of black hair, and many blood stains. Their teeth are sharp and rotten. Anewans use weapons created from the bones of the deceased.


  • Skinned shirt
  • Skinned pants


  • Bone Swords
  • Bone Knives
  • Bone Boomerangs


  • Resurrection
  • Life Draining
  • Form Change

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