Amona is a Reality!
Species Amonans
Equipment Made of leaves and vines
Weaponry Vine Swords
Thorn Swords
Normal Style Defensive
Normal Fighting Style Block and Trip
Abilities {{{BriefSentence}}}
Powersource Amonal
Status Sustainable


Amona is a planet full of vegetation. Its residents are known to make this planet a huge supplier to neighboring planets such as Omenta and Elergy. The only planets not supplied to are Tachyon, Mechari, and Latrova. In fact, Amona is the Soltaros Galaxy's largest exporter of plant foods.




  • Manipulate plants
  • Light absorption
  • Carbon absorption
  • Poison generation

Characters from reality's nameEdit

  • Vinily: She considers herself to be the "Queen Bee" of Amona and its people.
  • Rosario: One of Venily's two knights. His shoulder plates have rose bushes on them.
  • Thornage: Venily's other knight. His shoulder plates have a large thorn coming out.


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