Attribute(s) Aquos Aquos
Haos Haos
Variations Alirax
Partner Jack
First Appearance Holiday Event - Wolf


A two winged boxing Bakugan, with blue scales, red eyes, and purple outlines around his scales. When this Bakugan regains his Haos attribute, he's scales become light blue, his eyes remain red, and golden outlines are around his scales. His head is like an alligator's head. Sharp fangs hang out of his mouth. Like the rest of his body, his midsection is completely filled of scales and no fur. Wings full of blue scales are attached to his back. His two arms are small, yet he wears large boxing gloves made from his huge, bubbled palms. He wears shorts with his tail sticking out. The tip of his tail has a star-shape crest. This Bakugan's leg strength is tremendously powerful. Sharp talons are on this Bakugan's feet.


  • Burst Your Bubble- Alirax stomps on the ground, making water explode under the opponent'
  • Water Bomb- Alirax releases a large ball of water from his mouth towards his opponent
  • Splash the Slams- Alirax grabs the opponent with his feet and slams his opponent onto the ground, making water splash

Ultimate Abilities:Edit

Sacred Ability:Edit

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