Akumzero is a Darkus Fusion Dragonoid and Suraizero's twin sister.


Akumzero is a Fusion Dragonoid. With her wings, she can fly at high altitudes and make swift ecapes. She is a very strategic Bakugan, and she also uses her cutness to stun her male Bakugan. As a final blow, she uses fast and strong attacks to finish off her opponents. With her stealth, she can sneak out of any sneaky situtation as she pleases.


Akumzero is the opposite of her twin sister, Suraizero. Akumzero is very serious, and can't really take a joke. She plans before attacking and thinks before speaking.



Akumzero loves her sister but she thinks Suraizero is too much of a joker for a queen.


Akumzero and Blackout are siblings. Akumzero loves Blackout and can relate to him better than Suraizero.


Akumzero hates Kagayaku because he constantly tries to flirt on her.

Ibis GaiaEdit

Akumzero hates Gaia and she thinks he is a bit cute.

Ability CardsEdit


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