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Aiden Aranaut
Debut Rise
Used By Jin
Gender Male
G-Power 1500 G
Attribute Reapers SymbolHaos (Supernova)
Weaponry Stellar Destroyer
Family None
Title Nuclear Knight
Status Alive
For the character from Tales of Anima, see Aiden (character).


Aiden is a mutated Aranaut that serves as Jin's Guardian Bakugan. He is known as the Nuclear Knight for his ability to explode in a nuclear, radioactive radius, while not damaging himself at all. A modified Battle Crusher known as the Stellar Destroyer is now equipped on him permanently, and is a very dangerous weapon that can obliterate anything in it's path.

He is a very skilled fighter and will not give up easily. He can emit shock waves from his hands, and deliver quick furious attacks. Aiden almost never tires as he is constantly fueled by nuclear energy.


He is usually silent, and is loyal to Jin. He is heartless, and will stop at nothing to conquer the world. He has a hatred towards Gundalians especially.


Ability CardsEdit

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