Hey there, Ai-Ai here! Remember, always believe in yourself!

Nickname(s) Pigtails
Gender Female
Role Hero
Team Team Tempest
Partner(s) Spike, Gon-Gon
Ability(-ies) Enhanced strength and stamina
Weapon(s) Martial arts

Ai-Ai  is a young warrior in Figure 10: Digital Rev. She is part of the Real World troops.She is part of Team Tempest and  her partners are Gon-Gon and Spike.


She was a regular schoolgirl until A-Day. She is a martial artist who was born in China and she also is popular for competing in the Metal Warriors tournament there. She  knew eventually that she had a destiny that was soon to be fulfilled, to become a warrior to save the world.


While not in her uniform, she usually wears just  white jogging pants, red jacket, and black shirt. In her martial art outfit, her attire is a orange robe-like article, orange shorts, and orange glowing bracelets. She is also noted for having her hair in pigtails with glowing rings on them.


Ai-Ai is usually a persevering person and strong willed. She has a fiery heart and passion for become a martial arts champion. She usually brings a Chinese influence in her everyday life. She is always kind and curious. Sometimes her spark can ignite and get the best of her to where she becomes very bold, rash, and hot-headed.


She has no supernatural abiltiies but she has hightened strength and stamina due to her Kung-Fu training. She is also known to be very intelligent as well. 


  • She and Gon-Gon are the only ones from Asia in this team.

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