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Ace Phantom
Gender Male
Signature Moves Truly Infinite

Chaos Unleashed

Status Alive
Enemies Jin
Allies Luna
Close Relationships {{{close}}}
Family Unknown


Ace is an orphan. He is willing to help others but if someone crosses him or stands against him Ace will not hesitate to battle them. Ace puts his survival first, and will side with others only if his own life depended on it.

He prefers strategy over strength. He used to be an assassin when he needed money, but had nothing against others.




  • BakuBombs: A device made by Ace himself. They each have a button shaped like an infinity mark, barely visible, that when pressed, will activate a three second timer, which will make it produce large amounts of smoke. This was used to escape his enemies, or, later on, to help him assasinate his targets. His Bakugan could also disguise as BakuBombs, and vice versa.
  • Crimson Dragon: A special kind of handgun designed exclusivley for Ace, it was given to him during the events of the Neathian Civil war. It is mostly crimson and silver, and fires bullets made from various Neathian metals and frozen blood. They are cursed with the magic to slowly freeze a man's blood in his veins.
  • Ebony Rose: A blade hidden in Ace's left sleeve, this was used mostly as a retractable suprise weapon. It was mostly only extracted half way, so the handle of the blade was still hidden in Ace's sleeve. However, if it extended completely, it would turn left until the handle was in Ace's hand in an icepick grip. After it's use, it had to be slid back into Ace's coat and fixed to the the bracer so it could extend and retract normally again. It was named because of the blade being black and a rose was decorated on it.





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