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( Samantha picks Jenna up and rocks her )

Tyrious) *Mumbles* Examining human interactions...


Samantha) Jenna...*Continues to rock Jenna*

Jenna) WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Reaches for Forigon*

Forigon) PICK ME! ME! ME! *Changes to something Jenna can chew on*

Samantha) ...

( Forigon jumps and lands near Jenna )

( Samantha moves Jenna, so she is sitting on her lap )

( Samantha brings Forigon closer )

( Jenna picks Forigon up and puts part of her in her mouth )

Tyrious) *Mumbles* What an idiot...

Samantha) What?

Tyrious) Nothing, absolutely nothing...

Samantha) Okay, but why don't you come here...

Tyrious) Because I like being the loner watching...

Samantha) Ugh...You're nothing like Tigera...

Tyrious) Tigera?

Samantha) Yeah, she was my for-


Samantha) ...*Looks to the side, at the window* Volf...*Gets up with Jenna left on the seat*

( Jenna continues to chew on Forigon )

Forigon) Ow! *Quickly gets out of Jenna's mouth and lands on the floor*

( Forigon turns to his ball form look )

Jenna) D= *Crawls on the seat*

Samantha) ...*Opens the door*

( Gemention Volf crashes into the window again )

Samantha) *Walks outside and closes door behind her* Volf...

Jenna) Gagagagaga *Reaches the edge of the chair*

Tyrious) O_O Don't do that...

Samantha) Where's Wolfgang?

Gemention Volf) He's continuing with Personity...

Samantha) But why not you?

Gemention Volf) Because I hate Personity...I mean hate him...

Samantha) Ok-*Looks at window* JENNA!

Jenna) OAH! *Looks at Samantha*

Forigon) Geez...*Arm extends and rubs back*

( Jenna falls off the seat )

Tyrious) O_O *Gets out of his ball form*

( Samantha quickly runs up the steps )

Tyrious) *Grabs Jenna with her tail* Phew...

( Samantha opens the door and runs to Jenna )

( Gemention Volf enters the door and closes it in ball form )

Samantha) *Picks Jenna up* You okay, my baby girl?


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