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The scene starts showing a wasteland. The sky is covered in pitch black clouds, and the ground is made up of rubble from buildings and pools of lava everywhere.

{A 16 year-old boy is seen standing atop one of the giant pillars of rubble, looking at all the damage}

???: ... {Sighs}

???: My name...

{The boy starts making tall jumps from pillar to pillar}

???: Is Seth. Seth Iro.

{Seth jumps up to the tallest pillar in the city, and then looks at a huge chunk of the destroyed urban area}

Seth: The entire planet has been like this for as long as I can remember.

{Seth pulls out his Bakugan}

Seth: All I have left is my Bakugan. Subterra Metallrus. Everything else I had was taken away from me when I was young...

{A flashback is shown. A gunshot is heard and a young Seth is head screaming}

Seth: I just wish I could change this world. And make it a better place, just like in the stories I heard.

{Seth is shown walking off the pillar}

Seth: In those stories, I would hear that the ground was a luscious green. And that the sky was blue. There wasn't rubble and lava everywhere, and the sky wasn't covered in clouds.

{Seth sends out Metallrus}

Seth: I just wish I could change that... Not just for me, but for everyone...

Seth: Let's go.

Metallrus: Okay.

{Seth hops on Metallrus' back and Metallrus flies off}

Seth: Do you think this will all one day end, Metallrus?

Metallrus: What do you mean?

Seth: The poverty everyone is living in. I haven't seen a single Human since I last saw my parents, and I don't even know if there are any Humans left besides me... And if there are, they could be suffering even worse than I am. Do you think society could ever get back to what it used to be?

Metallrus: I can't say I'm exactly sure myself. Though maybe, one day, we will be able to help. At least a little bit.

Seth: Yeah...

{Metallrus speeds up, flying faster}

Later that night...

{Seth is sleeping on a pile or rubble, with Metallrus beside him in Ball Form}

{An explosion happens, waking Seth and Metallrus up}

Seth: An explosion?!?

Metallrus: That's unusual.

Seth: We have to go check it out!

Metallrus: Maybe an overactive lavapool?

Seth: And what if it isn't?!? Someone could be over there!

Metallrus: {Sighs} Fine. Let's go.

{Metallrus enters Bakugan Form, and Seth jumps on him}

{Metallrus flies towards the site of the explosion}

Metallrus: Are you sure being the only Human you know is alive isn't getting to your head?

Seth: It isn't. Only someone, not something, could have caused that explosion. We have to check what happened.

{Metallrus stops and hovers over the site of the explosion}

Metallrus: I don't see anything. Are you sure?

Seth: ...!

{Seth notices a figure laying on the ground}

Seth: I see someone!!! Land!

{Metallrus lands, and Seth gets off and runs towards the figure}

Metallrus: What is it?

Seth: It's... A girl...

{A blone-haired, white-skinned Human girl around Seth's age, wearing a blank white top with a blue skirt and brown boots is lying on the rubble, with a blue Bakugan beside her, both unconscious}

Metallrus: ...Looks like you were right.

Seth: There's a Bakugan too. They look like they're in bad shape.

{Seth picks them up and places them on Metallrus, then gets on Metallrus} Take us back to camp. We need to make sure they're okay.

Metallrus: Got it.

{Metallrus flies back to camp}

{A humanoid, lava-like creature is shown watching in the background}

???: ...

{The camera cuts back to Seth and Metallrus, now back at camp with the girl and Bakugan}

Seth: They're still breathing. They should wake up soon.

Metallrus: That's good news.

Seth: Can you go find some more water? We're running out.

Metallrus: Alright. I'll be back in a sec.

{Metallrus flies off alone}

{Seth looks at Metallrus fly off, then back at the girl}

Seth: ...

{The girl starts to open her eyes...}

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