Age 1 (DF)
5 (LR)
Birthday October 20th
Gender Male
Planet of Origin Earth
Race Neathian
Occupation Brawler
Main Attribute Ventus Ventus
Atomious Ventus Atomious Ventus
Guardian Bakugan Razeun
Secondary Bakugan JupicoVarym
First Appearance A New Beginning! Episode 1
Side Protagonist

Wolfgang and Samantha's third child and only son. He has dirty-blonde hair and hazel eyes.


Was in a lab accident/experiment with Red, Crimson, PG, Kyle, Kyuuga, Pyrus, APW, C22Helios, and a few others. He lives with Red, Crimson, PG, Kyle, and Kyuuga. Wolf isn't friends with Red, was Kyle's former friend, Kate's former boyfriend, Jean's boyfriend/friend, and sees mutual respect for PG, Kyuuga, and Crimson. He's had issues with Marcus. Wolf revealed he was Wolfgang's son and has gone by Aaron since.


  • Leader-like
  • Show off
  • Cocky, confident, and stubborn


  • Always wearing a jacket with a collar like a cool guy.
  • Brown hair, blue-green eyes


  • Ventus


  • 16

Bakugan Appearance:

  • Wolf like
  • Bony wings and armor

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