Wolf) *Holds Wolfie* Wolfie, time for some action!

Typhonatic Wolfie) *Leaves Wolf's hand and comes out of ball form* GOOD! *Flies towards the truck*

( Gemention Volf also flies towards the truck )


Nintendo) YEAH, YOU! *Nintendo walks towards the citizen*

Citizen 2) O_O *Backs towards the railing*

Nintendo) Who are you?

Citizen 2) R.I.P...

Nintendo) My question?

Citizen) R.I.P NINTENDO! *Backflips over the railing*

Nintendo) *Runs to the railing and looks down* ...He's gone...

???) AHHH!!!

Nintendo) *Turns around and looks towards the front door* How did I not notice that!

Meanwhile, in the house...

( Samantha holds Jenna close to her with her back turned to the knife-holding citizen )

Citizen) R.I.P Wolfgang...*Walks closer to Samantha* R.I.P Jenna...*Gets ready use the knife* R.I.P SAMANTHA! *Swipes*

( Samantha keeps her eyes closed )

Forigon) ...*Jumps in-front of Samantha and turns to a shield*

( The knife crashes into the shield, rattling the citizen )

Forigon) BOXING TIME! *Turns to a springboarded boxing glove*

Citizen) ...*Backs up*

( The boxing glove extends and punches the Citizen )

( The citizen backs into the dresser, while Forigon turns into a bell )


Citizen) *Shakes head and gets back up* WHY YOU-

Nintendo) *Standing at the bedroom door* Jerk?

Citizen) R.I.P NINTENDOCAN! *Charges towards Nintendo with knife pointing towards him*

( Nintendo side steps and leaves the door way )

( The citizen crashes into a wall; knife stuck )

( Nintendo roundhouse kicks the citizen )

Citizen) *Falls on the ground* YOU'LL PAY!

Nintendo) Like I'll-

( The citizen disappears )

Meanwhile, by Wolf, Gemention Volf, and Typhonatic Wolfie...

( Gemention Volf lands in-front of the truck )

( The truck stops moving )

( Typhonatic Wolfie lands above the truck )

Gemention Volf) ERR!!! *Eight gems glow*

( Wolf hops into the truck and picks Wolfgang up )

Wolf) ...*Looks at back window* No driver...

( Wolf jumps out of the truck; Wolfgang on his shoulder )

Gemention Volf) ...*Flies towards Wolfgang*

Truck) R.I.P WOLFGANG! R.I.P WOLF! *Disappears with a bag left behind*

Wolf) Volf, can you take Wolfgang back to the house?

( Gemention Volf grabs Wolfgang with his mouth and flies away )

Wolf) What the <beep>...

Typhonatic Wolfie) What was this...

Wolf) A new enemy...

Grade of A New Storm Coming! Episode 40?

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