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5 years have passes and a lot of things have happened. The mystery person has been found out, as Wolf's little brother with Autism, Green. A message was found about Wolf's parents, saying they were in a hospital, but the name was never given. It was signed by Blueking4ever and Pinkwolf. Wolf has gotten a job at something he loves to do. Serenity has become a nurse, again. Serenity is still trying to find out Wolf's real name, but Wolf has been keeping his name hidden. Wolf and Serenity are actually married now and have a little kid named, Wolfgang. Nuzamaki90, has only been seen, once a month. Airzel hasn't been seen, at all anymore. Wolf is now 22 years old, Serenity is 21 years old, Green is 18 years old, and Wolfgang is 4 years old. It's the fifth aniversery of the escape.

Serenity) Ugh, I wonder where Daddy is...

Wolfgang) I don't know, Mommy. Where's Daddy?

Serenity) How do I know, I just said " I wonder "

Wolfgang) Oh... so where's Daddy?

( Serenity in head, the same question that I answered again -_- )

Serenity) um... getting something?

Wolfgang) Okay!

Serenity) Now, Wolfgang, eat your lunch, no more talking until you're done

Wolfgang) ( With mouth filled of a ham and cheese sandwich ) Okay!

Serenity) -_- No talking with your mouth full...

Wolfgang) Oh yeah... sorry, I forgot... besides, I'm done =D

Serenity) No you aren't! ( Turns around ) Oh wait, you're right...


Serenity) Schooled? Where did you learn that from.

Wolfgang) A TV show...

Serenity) Called?

Wolfgang) Schooled...

Serenity) Okay...

( Wolfgang, in head: Daddy's trick worked )

???) Woof!

( Serenity stops washing the dishes and Wolfgang and Serenity wait for the door to open )

???) I'm back...!

( The door opens all the way and a puppy runs in the house )

Wolfgang) DADDY!

Serenity) I thought I went out for a long time, you broke the record Wolf!

Wolf) There was a record!

Serenity) Yeah...

Wolf) Why did no one tell me -_-

Serenity) Woops, I forgot to tell you... anyways, what is that puppy doing here?

Wolf) I bought her... I just don't have a name for her =/

Serenity) You didn't tell me you were getting a puppy, I could have found some names out -_-

Wolf) It was suppose to be a surprise, which it was! =D ( Puts a cage on the floor and looks in a black bag!

Wolfgang) Another day of getting ignored -_- I'm going to get a cookie... ( Walks to a cookie jar, but is stopped )

Puppy) Woof!

Wolfgang) I want a cookie!

Puppy) WOOF!

Wolfgang) Cookie!

Puppy) Woof! ( Wags tail back and forth, very fast )

Serenity) Cookie!

Puppy) Woof!

Wolf) Cookie!

Puppy) Woof!!!

Wolf) Never knew finding a name was easy =/

Serenity) Yeah...

Wolfgang) His name is... I mean her name is Cookie!

Puppy) WOOF!

Wolf) Yeah... Anyways, the store person gave me dog food and dog treats... The dog treats are well, doggie cookies =/

Cookie) WOOF!

Wolf) There's peanut butter, a one that looks like chocolate chip, but the chips are dog food, and a plain dog treat pack =/

Serenity) Okay... I'll go get some water and food in two bowls...

Wolf) Nah... Wait a minute, I have two things in the car.

Serenity) Okay... Do you need help?

Wolf) No... I'm fine ( Walks out the door ) ( In head, I can't let her help, she's pregnant =/ )

Wolfgang) There are the cookies ( Eats one )

Cookie) Woof!

Serenity) Um... that was a dog treat, Wolfgang -_-

Wolfgang) Oh... It taste good though... it didn't taste like chocolate chip though -_-

Serenity) Uhh... Never mind ( Walks into the kitchen )

( Wolf walks in )

Wolf) Here we go! ( Puts a box and a two pack of toy balls down )

( 10 minutes later )

Wolfgang) Why do you have balls?

Wolf) 0_0 The toy balls? Their Cookies toys...

Cookie) Woof!

Wolf) Does she have to bark, every time cookie... ( interruption )

Cookie) Woof!

Wolf) Yeah, she does =/ Anyways, I finished the dog's feeding something thing =/


Serenity) I'm going to go check on Green...

Wolf) Nah, he is always like that, leave him alone... he's probably playing a WWE Game =/

Serenity) Okay! ( Puts water and dog food into Cookie's bowl holder, in two bowls )

Wolfgang) Can I open the balls!

( Wolf, in head, why did I not buy the pull rope instead )

( Meanwhile, far away in a cave )

Airzel) Charge, Spotter you ready?

Charge Dragonoid) Yes...

Spotter) Why do I have to be the one who goes away!

Airzel) Spotter because you with wings, looks horrible!

Spotter) Oh!

( Charge Dragonoid and Spotter charge into each other and electric is produced )

Airzel) I know, I'll lose Spotter, but the greater the better!

How would you rate this episode? ( 1-2 is F, 3-4 is D, 5-6 is C, 7-8 is B, 9-10 is A. )

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